How I plan – Weekly Review

I have finally turned the camera on during my planning sessions to show “HOW” I plan. ¬†Making a video (series of videos) on my planning structure¬†has been on my to-do list for a while but it wasn’t until I watched a video by MissVickybee titled, “Where is Planning?” that I decided to do it. ¬†In […]

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Mixed Media Cards

Time to share another FREE printable! I love making mixed media journal cards and have started creating birthday cards in the same style. ¬†Recently, I was requested to make a video teaching how I make them and it is available on my YouTube channel. I decided to provide some of my favorites as a printable […]

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Doily Folded TN insert cover

I was inspired by Christy Tomlinson of The Planner Society and a photo she posted on her Instagram “Instastories” that showed a half of a doily cut out of a card that she “franken-plannered” (that’s a word, right?) I decided I wanted to recreate the look using the digital Halloween kit I had purchased and […]

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Camels and Crowns?

It’s Wednesday and that means “hump day” for many people. For me, it includes looking to God in my planning. I need Him to help me get through the week…and that means trusting Him. So, I am meditating on the camel today as a visual reminder to trust Him. Why, the camel? Think about it.¬† […]

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Week One – One Book July 2017

This week was a week of trial and error…more error than trial! ¬†I found that my TPS Pocket TN with 1.5″ spine was a little too crowded. ¬†I experimented by making a laminated¬†TN cover with a 2″ spine and transferred the interior of my One Book July 2017 into it. What I have learned this […]

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The SetUp

After initial research into how I am going to structure my planner for One Book July 2017, I have decided to transfer all of my necessary planning and project management into a pocket-sized TN (traveler‚Äôs notebook) from The Planner Society. ¬† Behind the scenes of my YouTube setup video The OnebookJuly2017 Challenge is to use […]

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